The Dream is Now


by David Safier

I just watched the documentary, The Dream is Now, on MSNBC. Incredibly moving, filled with hope, sorrow and despair. I wasn't planning to watch it, but two minutes in, I couldn't tear myself away. The lives of the Dreamers followed by the film captured the human drama, and the waste of human potential, that's part of this whole "undocumented immigrant" fiasco.

I'm going to have to forgive the filmmaker, David Guggenheim, for his wrongheaded film, Waiting for Superman, which trashed traditional public schools and overpraised charters. He also made An Inconvenient Truth. Two out of three ain't bad, I guess, though I'd love to see him take a second, and better, pass at the story of education in this country. He's a skilled documentarian.

Watch for The Dream is Now when it's reshown on MSNBC or elsewhere. Even if you're solidly for the Dreamers and immigration reform, you should hear these voices and see these faces.

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