The Elect Katie Hobbs Campaign for Governor is not holding any punches.

In an ad released this morning called “Kari Lake Lies,” the Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate’s campaign successfully points out the leading Republican Governor Candidate’s propensity for erring on the side of false narrative and distorted world views despite her commitment to supporters to speak the truth.


The approximately one minute ad succinctly recounts the former television news anchors subscription to the Trumpist Big Lies of the 2020 elections, equating the idea of believing Joe Biden won the Presidency with the belief that OJ Simpson was innocent.

There is also a clip of her in an interview with Natalie Harp from One America News, saying that she would not have certified the 2020 Presidential Election.

The ad also reminds viewers of Ms. Lake’s aversion to the science behind the COVID 19 vaccine with her saying:

“It makes me wonder about the efficacy of the vaccine. I’m not believing a lot of the science, so-called science coming out of our so called experts.”

The ad is very effective with the bookending technique as the viewer is reminded of Lake’s false promise, as shown in the same video clip at the beginning and end of the ad, that “if you hear it from my lips, it will be truthful”  with the Hobbs campaign asking at the end, “Really?”

Ms. Lake’s interpretation of the truth (some like those in the Katie Hobbs campaign would call them lies) and world view is much different and more distorted and unhinged from reality than the judgment of the majority of Arizona residents.

Those Grand Canyon State Residents do not need such a person leading Arizona starting in January, 2023.