“The fix is in”

by David Safier

A friend forwarded an email that began with this ominous line:

My DC contacts say "the fix is in" to cut education funding and increase tax cuts in the stimulus package in the conference committee.  I don't know the basis for that, but let's hope that's not true.

Education has already taken some hits in the stimulus package. I wish someone would explain to me how spending money on education, which gives people jobs, improves school buildings, puts more teachers and resources classrooms and gives us a more educated populace, is not a perfect example of "stimulus."

Let's hope they're not planning to cut education any further.

One response to ““The fix is in”

  1. The bill total has actually been reduced below either the House or Senate totals. Bizarrely the “moderates” are wanting the bill to be below $800 billion for some reason. This want be enough. Sounds like some money for states and education my actually be added though, which would be good.