Yesterday, prominent Democratic women leaders across Arizona announced their support for Representative Ruben Gallego in his run for the United States Senate Seat held by Independent, former Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

These endorsements served as the launching of the “Women for Ruben Coalition.”


The ladies explained their endorsements in a letter released by the Ruben Gallego for Arizona Campaign.

Please read below:

Hon. Mary Rose Wilcox: “I respect Ruben for the man that he has become and for the leader he is. It’s true, we had a very competitive race when Ruben was first elected for Congress. But, as soon as that race was over, Ruben began working with me to make our community better and he has not stopped since. I’m proud of who Ruben is and look forward to what he will do as our next Senator.”

Senator Catherine Miranda: “I haven’t always agreed with Ruben on everything but I always know where he stands on issues. He is transparent, fair, and determined to do what’s right for the people of Arizona. He has my full support.”

Senator Eva Diaz: “Ruben Gallego leads by example. He’s someone who will always find a way to help and will never stop caring for the most vulnerable – working to ensure they are represented in Washington. He will be a Senator all of Arizona can rely on.”

Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton: “Ruben Gallego is a leader with character, humility, and poise. He’s gone through tough times in his life that have made him more compassionate to all and therefore is a leader who understands how to represent all of Arizona. I know he will never stop reaching out to ensure all voices are heard.”

Coconino County Treasurer Sarah Benatar: “Ruben Gallego is the son of immigrants, someone who is humble, caring, and will never forget where he comes from. He’s overcome immense adversity in his life to get to where he is today and that will only make him a more effective leader for our entire state.”

Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari: “A Veteran. A smart, kind human. A Congressman with extensive experience on issues like national security and climate change. That’s who I want representing me as my next Arizona Senator. I am so excited to support Ruben Gallego to be our next Senator!”

Rev. Katie Sexton-Wood: “Ruben Gallego is someone we can count on. He’s a leader who cares. He’s a person who is good to his core and whose motivations I never question. When he is in Washington, I know he is working hard every day to make the lives of Arizonans better – especially those who are most in need. Let’s make sure he becomes our next Senator.”

Business Leader and Former Democratic Nominee for Congress Anita Malik: “When I was running for Congress against David Schweikert, Ruben did all he could to help me – even though the odds were against us. He’s someone who has always worked hard to build opportunities for others and to use his position to lift others up. That’s who we need as our next Senator.”

Reacting to the endorsements of these eight leaders from across Arizona, Representative Gallego, in the same press release, stated:

“These eight women leaders make up the foundation and the future of Arizona politics and government. They are strong, principled fighters for their communities and I consider myself lucky to call them friends and colleagues. I am truly honored to have earned their vote of confidence. I look forward to working with them to fight for Arizona families for years to come.”

The Gallego Campaign team added:

“Today’s eight endorsers are leading the charge for a safer, healthier, and more inclusive Arizona where working families can prosper. Their endorsements reflect the wide support Ruben has earned across Arizona and the growing consolidation of Arizona Democrats behind him.”