The Glow: Lighted art walk in Oracle tonight (video)



by Pamela Powers Hannley
The Glow— a lighted art walk and whimsical extravaganza at the Triangle L Ranch— is tonight, Sept. 29.
I know this is a political blog and not an art blog, but everyone has to get away and chill sometime. What a better thing to do on a balmy September evening than wander the lighted paths of the Triangle L Ranch, listen to some cool music, and admire the full moon.
So, put on a light jacket and walking shoes, grab a friend and a flash light, and drive up to Oracle tonight. The festivities start at 7 p.m., so there's plenty of time to stop for dinner at one of the restaurants along the route. (A word to the wise– watch out for the multiple speed traps on the way. The speed limit must change at least 10 times between Ina Road and Oracle.)
Here is a link to the music schedule and more photos from past years.
Glow video after the jump.