EJ Montini of AZ Central noted in his most recent column that Mr. Trump has resorted to calling the Coronavirus “The Chinese Virus” in retaliation for operatives from China spreading a false conspiracy theory that the American military called the virus.

When asked about this at the daily Coronavirus briefing this morning where it was announced the Defense Department and FEMA would be accelerating their contributions to combat the virus (March 18, 2020,) the 2016 KKK Endorsed Candidate, who has been acting more Presidential the last couple of days (other than his attempt to rewrite history in saying he knew it was a pandemic all along,) refused to back down, saying he was “not being racist” and turned it back on China, blaming them for spreading their outlandish conspiracy theories against the American Military.


A reporter from NPR then asked him to comment on one of his staffers calling the virus “Kung Flu.” The 2016 KKK Endorsed Candidate was evasive in his response and ended the briefing after one additional question.

During the Black Death in the Fourteenth Century, many Anti-Semitic Acts were committed against Jews because of false accusations that they had contaminated local water supplies.

There should not be Twenty-First Equivalent of those Middle Age Acts today.

There should not be a country spreading false conspiracy theories about the origins of the Coronavirus like China is doing.

There should also not be a President of the United States stoking nativist and paranoid sentiments calling a virus based on where it originated.

Some people may listen to this and look for scapegoats (innocent people) to take out their fears and ignorance.

This can not be allowed to continue.

Humanity will get through this Public Health Crisis faster and better by working together and not building walls of mistrust and ignorance between us.

If only the KKK Endorsed Candidate can see that.