The latest on the Mexican American Studies program audit

by David Safier

The ADE put out a Media Release about the Steve Gallon III situation — hiring an ex-superintendent who is barred from being connected with education in New Jersey to determine the MAS program's legality. Gallon is officially off the team.

Cambium Learning Group assured ADE that Dr. Gallon is not and has never been an employee of Cambium Learning Group. He is no longer working on the Arizona Audit Team selected to review TUSD's Mexican American Studies program. Further, it is ADE’s understanding that Dr. Gallon’s relationship with National Academic Education Partners has also been discontinued. National Academic Education Partners is a firm that partners with Cambium Learning Group to create and provide highly-focused, research-based school turnaround and transformation services that produce results.

I'm guessing that means Gallon will no longer be presenting at "Best Practices Institute" to be held in June at Ventana Canyon Hotel, as was scheduled. Somehow, "best practices" isn't the best way to describe the man's tenure as superintendent.

The ADE expressed "full confidence" in Cambium Learning Group's ability to "to conduct an impartial, unbiased and thorough curriculum audit of TUSD’s Mexican-American Studies program.”

According to the Phoenix New Times, the cost of the audit will be $170,000. The high price is understandable. A vendetta against the personal empowerment and increased educational achievement of Mexican American students doesn't come cheap.

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