The Lincoln Project and Others Pounce on Traitor and Convicted Donald Trump’s ‘Sh-t Talking’ Comments About Milwaukee and the Nation

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The Lincoln Project and others in Democratic circles wasted no time on pouncing on Traitor and 34 Times Convicted Donald Trump’s reported comments that Milwaukee, the largest city in battleground Wisconsin, was “horrible” and “overrun with crime.”

In the Lincoln Project ad titled “Milwaukee,” the ad designers first brought up all the positive things associated with “our town,” including “The Bucks, the Brewers, Harley Davidson, Brats (bratwurst,) Cheese Curds, the best beer in the world.”

The narrator then comments that the people of Milwaukee “Work hard. Play hard. We’re damn proud of Milwaukee. It’s home and we love it.”

The ad closes with “If Donald Trump says Milwaukee is a terrible city, imagine how little he thinks of the rest of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee’s Mayor, Cavalier Johnson, also instantly fired back at Trumps comments. saying to the press that “if Donald Trump wants to talk about things that are horrible, all of us lived through his Presidency so right back at you buddy…Obviously, Donald Trump is wrong about something, yet again. I find it kind of perplexing. I find it kind of strange that he would insult the largest city in Wisconsin because he’s running for President…to insult the state that’s hosting your convention, I think is kind of bizarre actually. Unhinged in a way, especially since there are 50,000 Republicans living in the city. So you’re calling their home horrible.”

Earlier in the week, Pennsylvania Governor Joe Shapiro, on Inside with Jen Psaki, incensed at Mr. ‘I lost the popular vote twice’s continual “whining about this country” with constant lies to “Stop sh-t talking America. This is the greatest country on Earth and it’s time that we all start acting like it.”

Shapiro also warned that a second Trump Administration, without guardrails and seasoned in the workings of government, would be a nightmare for the country that could “set us back 40 years” especially for civil liberties like marrying the person you love, reproductive freedom and the right to vote in the judges Mr. “I Killed Roe v Wade’ would appoint and the people Mr. ‘American Mussolini’ would single out for vengeance and retribution.

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