The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump unveiled three new ads condemning Mr. Trump’s monstrous insensitivity towards child safety in school reopenings, stoking fears against all protestors, and his mishandling of the Coronavirus.

The first ad, called “School” shows parents and teachers are scared of reopening schools during the middle of the pandemic while “Trump and Betsy DeVos are hell-bent on forcing kids back to the classroom…while having no plan for their safety and with Trump’s eight billion dollars in education cuts, schools just aren’t ready.”


The ad concludes with:

“COVID puts everyone at risk. Trump just added our kids to that list.”

The second ad called “Doc” shows Los Angeles Clipper Basketball Coach Doc Rivers chastizing the speakers at the Republican Convention for stoking fears against “the other” when it is minorities and protestors that are the ones getting killed by bad cops and armed vigilantes.

In the ad, Rivers says:

“It’s amazing why we keep loving this country and this country does not love us back…we gotta do better but we got to demand better. We protest and they send riot guards…we’re trying to get them to protect us just like they protect everybody else.”

Rivers concludes by stating:

“You don’t need to be black to be outraged. You need to be American and outraged and how dare the Republicans talk about fear. We’re the ones having to talk to every black child. What white father has to give his son a talk about being careful if you get pulled over. All we’re asking is you live up to the Constitution. That’s all we’re asking for everybody for everyone. Thank you.”

The final ad, called “I’m Sorry Mr. President, You’ve Failed,” is narrated by Elizabeth Neumann, the former Assistant Secretary for Counter-Terrorism and Threat Prevention in the Department of Homeland Security.

A one time Trump supporter, Secretary Neumann is not voting for him in 2020 because at the beginning phases of the Coronavirus:

“From January until March 11, what you saw was a number of good public servants attempting to do their jobs and the President telling them to stop because he didn’t want the economy to tank, and he didn’t want a distraction from his campaign.”

Secretary Neumann concludes by asserting:

“I’m sorry Mr. President. You were hired to handle America’s worst day and you’ve absolutely failed. And this year, I’ll be voting for Joe Biden.”

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