The Lincoln Project digital ad machine is still going strong after the November 3 elections.

However, their recent work has been aimed more at those Republicans enabling and encouraging Donald Trump in his attempts to steal the 2020 election, calling on voters to reject and shun them in future elections.


The list of these anti-Democratic process Republicans is the usual suspects most sane Americans grounded in the real reality know and loathe. They are:

  • Mitch McConnell.
  • Kevin McCarthy.
  • Ted Cruz.
  • Tom Cotton.
  • Mike Lee.
  • Josh Hawley.
  • Lindsey Graham.
  • Marco Rubio.
  • David Perdue
  • Kelly Loeffler

In their latest ad “Remove Republic from Republican,” the narrator calls these “public servants:”

“Hypocrites that don’t care about a republic. They don’t care about our Democracy or the Constitution they swore on a Bible to protect…They are treasonous, unpatriotic, downright despotic, but most importantly dangerous. Because while Trump has shown himself to be feckless and pathetic and unmoored in the chaos he has attempted to sow, there are others waiting in the wings, waiting for their turn to dismantle our Democracy and they are not so vacuous, insecure, and self-absorbed. From this Presidential embarrassment, they see the full and total shift to authoritarianism. 

Those are Republicans?

We think not.

We are watching and so is the world.”

The Republicans in Congress that have had the “courage” to do the right and normal thing and acknowledge the Biden/Harris victory should be commended.

They include:

  • Senator Susan Collins.
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski.
  • Senator Mitt Romney.
  • Senator Marco Rubio (apparently the Lincoln Project thinks differently of him.)
  • Senator Ben Sasse.
  • Senator Pat Toomey.
  • Representative Don Bacon.
  • Representative Liz Cheney.
  • Representative Jim Durkin.
  • Representative Will Hurd.
  • Representative Adam Kinzinger.
  • Representative Paul Mitchell.
  • Representative Tom Reed.
  • Representative Denver Riggleman.
  • Representative Francis Rooney.
  • Representative John Shimkus.
  • Representative Fred Upton.
  • Representative Dan Young.

This ensemble that believes in the American Ideal and the concepts of Democracy and the Republic represents less than ten percent of the Republican Congressional Delegation.

That is shameful considering the Biden/Harris ticket was called the winner over two weeks ago.

Note none of the Arizona Republican Representatives (there are no more Republican Senators) have chosen to embrace reality. Some of them like Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs are still pursuing far-right fantasies (nightmares for the rest of us) about election fraud that does not exist.

It does tell Biden which Republicans he may be able to work with in Congress to secure vital legislation for the American People.

Other notable Republicans like George W. Bush, Chris Christie, John Bolton, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker have said the election is over.

As the ad-makers of the latest Lincoln Project ad allude to, what is wrong with the “Republican Party” and its supporters when they ignore the Republican President from 2001 to 2009  (Bush) and GOP Party nominee in 2012 (Romney) when they both said Biden won.

As Jennifer Rubin noted in a column in the Washington Post, the Republican Party (after 30 years of division between the obstructionist/nativist/Fox Island and governing/inclusive branches) appears to have divided.

Hopefully, the governing branch can wield the power to fully overcome the more reactionary wing.

Given 30 years of Gingrich. McConnell, the Tea Party, and Trump, I am not holding out much hope and Rubin may be right when she says there are now three major political parties in the United States.

Conceivably, Biden and Harris could forge a governing coalition with those Republicans that still believe in America and moving the country forward.