The Lincoln Project: Two New Ads Attacking the Trumpist-MAGA Retreat on Border Security

From You Tube.

Never fear.

When the Trumpist-MAGA Party commits gross acts of incompetence, the Lincoln Project is there with one or two ads to highlight their betrayal to the American People.

The Trumpets-MAGA retreat on providing border security so their favorite son, Donald ‘Mexico will pay for the wall-I was endorsed twice by David Duke’ Trump will have an issue to whine about during the campaign season is another example of the Project rising to the occasion with two new ads released over the last three days.

The first ad, called “Security” praises President Joe Biden’s willingness to engage in bipartisan measures to address securing the southern borders with funding for more agents and personnel to stem illegal crossings of people, drugs, and traffickers.

The ad then pivots and says “There’s only one problem” and segues to President Joe Biden, at a White House Event, saying “Donald Trump.”

The ad then describes how Mr. ‘twice impeached and January 6 instigator’ “ordered Republicans to block the toughest immigration bill in decades.”

The narrator then blasts the Trumpets-MAGA as no more than bait and switch, self serving hypocrites, saying:

“For all their tough talk, their solution is to do nothing because Donald Trump needs chaos to win…If he wins, he’ll do nothing. Just like last time. His wall…a joke. Donald Trump doesn’t care if your family’s safety or the lives of law enforcement officers are in the balance. He’s on the side of cartels, coyotes, and child traffickers.”

“There’s only one candidate that will do something about our border (with pictures of Joe Biden as background) and it was never Donald Trump.”

The second ad, called “Even the GOP Agrees” shows Republican figures like FOX reporters, Nikki Haley, Senator James Lankford, Representative Dan Crenshaw, and Senator Mitt Romney calling out Trump and his Trumpets-MAGA sycophants for their dereliction of duty to the country by sabotaging the bipartisan immigration deal so they could have an issue to campaign on against President Biden this year.

Hopefully, the people outside the Trumpist-MAGA alt reality bubble will see through this charade and put the blame on the failure of improving border security firmly where it belongs: Donald Trump and the people who dealt defeats to immigration reform in 2014 and in 2024.


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