The most straightforward ad you’ll see during the Super Bowl


by David Safier

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is running a 30 second Super Bowl ad. Featured speaker: Wayne LaPierre in 1999 saying he's for "mandatory instant background checks for every sale at every gun show: no loopholes anywhere of anyone."

Words to live by.



  1. Given that past performance is no guarantee of future results why should the state and federal government impose additional steps that amount to universal gun registration? There are plenty of laws already on the books that prohibit felons and those adjudicated mentally defective from obtaining a firearm. Those laws impose heavy penalties on prohibited possessors should they be found in possession of a pistol or rifle.

    In any case for those who wish to support rational common sense gun laws I encourage people from anywhere in Arizona to get to Tempe, Arizona by next Tuesday so they can listen to Arizona state represtentative Reuben Gallego debate book author Alan Korwin at the ASU Tempe campus, Discovery hall room 250, Tuesday, February 5th, 7:00 PM. My impression is that admission is free of charge. “The ASU Gun Rights Debate”