The New House Speaker Is Playing with People’s Lives

From the Wrap

New House Speaker Mike Johnson says the words of the Bible govern his worldview.

God help us.

In an interview with Fox, the new House Speaker told repulsive Sean Hannity that the Bible governs his world view commenting: “Well, go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it. That’s my worldview.”

Not to be picky but does his worldview include all of the Biblical verses like the ones that condone:

  • Stoning people for engaging in same-sex relationships.
  • Death for people who work on the sabbath or commit adultery.
  • Permits slavery with no penalties.

How about the commandment that Thou shall not Murder (or kill depending on the translation/literal interpretation?

The Biden/Harris Administration has sent an approximately $106 billion package to Congress to:

  • Send military aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians.
  • Reinforce border security.

Well, the new Bible-loving Speaker, has decided to play with people’s lives by splitting the Biden/Harris proposal and linking them to policies that are on the MAGA fringe wish list.

The House passed, with mostly Republican votes, a $14.3 billion aid package to Israel and paid for it by cutting the same amount from the Inflation Reduction Act’s go-after-tax cheats provisions.

How cutting funding to go after wealthy tax cheats shows Republican fiscal responsibility is hard to fathom.

How linking these two issues, as Senator Mitt Romney said, in a comment reported by CNN, “doesn’t make a lot of sense’ to reduce funding for an institution that ensures people pay their taxes in full.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already said the Senate would not consider the House legislation.

President Biden has vowed to veto if the bill makes it to his desk.

The Speaker also wants to put Ukraine and Border requests together with fringe border security provisions that no one other than mostly MAGA Republicans embraces.

So much for the New Speaker being a sensible governing partner with a Democratic-led Senate and White House.

The lunatics are still running the asylum in the House they have created.

Do not forget the government faces a potential shutdown on November 17 which the MAGA Republicans, led by Mr. Johnson seem to welcome if their terms are not met.

What does the Bible say about hostage-taking?

Stay tuned. This may be a bumpy holiday season for the whole world because Bible-loving speaker Mike Johnson has no problem playing with and destroying people’s lives.

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  1. The fact that this theocrat has risen so high in the ranks should terrify every American.

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