The Party of Lincoln Said…

Cartoon courtesy of Matt Wuerker

The Party of Lincoln said they are the party of family values despite promoting no policies (paid family leave and separating parents from children at the border for example) that support families.

The Party of Lincoln said that they are the party of fiscal responsibility despite presiding over monetary policies that have taken our national debt from one trillion in 1980 to over twenty trillion in 2018. It has only been under Democrats in this period that our annual deficits and debts have been reduced.

The Party of Lincoln said that their trickle-down tax cuts would benefit the middle and lower classes. They tried this in 1981, 2001, 2003, and 2018. The middle class and lower class are still waiting for the benefits.

The Party of Lincoln said that they are the law and order party. This is the party whose leaders gave us Watergate, Iran Contra, the Jack Abramoff scandal, and everything still being sorted out with the current popular vote loser.

The Party of Lincoln said that Merrick Garland could not be given a hearing because it was an election year. Well, this year is an election year and we may have a Supreme Court that has to determine whether the President can be indicted with a nominee that has been on both sides of that issue depending on the party of the person in the White House. Brett Kavanagh’s nomination to the Supreme Court can wait and Anthony Kennedy should stay on the court until all is determined.

The Party of Lincoln said that Bill Clinton should be impeached for lying about having a sexual relationship with a woman and obstructing justice. They said that Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for Benghazi.

What are the elected members of the Party of Lincoln saying about the current occupant of the White House whose personal lawyer just admitted in court that as a candidate, that person directed him to make payouts (which are against campaign finance laws) to two women in order to hush up their affairs with the candidate so they would not come out before the election?

What are the elected members of the Party of Lincoln saying about the revelations of potential collusion with a foreign power to steer the 2016 Presidential election in their favor. What is their complicity (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for example) among their leadership in helping secure this outcome?

The Party of Lincoln has said a lot of things over the last 40 years. Unfortunately for the country, much of it is either untrue or indefensible.

Hopefully, the people who voted for President Obama twice but decided to choose the KKK-endorsed candidate and Birther in 2016 will see the folly in their decision. Hopefully, the people who thought Hillary Clinton was a poor candidate (despite getting every major endorsement and a popular vote victory greater than Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, and Gore) will think twice about staying home or voting for the Green Party (what was Jill Stein doing at the same dinner in Russia with President Putin and General Flynn).

There is still time to turn the tide. All the people have to do is turn out and vote.