The Redistricting Committee nomination plot thickens (sickens?)

by David Safier

This from the teaser for an Arizona Guardian article which I can't read because it's subscription only:

GOP threatens lawsuit over redistricting panel

By Mary K. Reinhart
The Arizona Guardian
GOP legislative leaders Tuesday called on a state commission to reconsider its nominations to a new redistricting panel or face a lawsuit.

The ultimatum followed the resignation of Louis Araneta from the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments over comments he made last week about an applicant's religious.

Tuesday's developments were the latest in what is fast becoming a politically contentious process, despite voters' efforts to take lawmakers out of the …

Hello, everyone! The religious issue is a ploy. This thing has moved from faux-outrage by Republicans to the resignation of a member of the screening panel to the threat of a lawsuit. Pearce and Adams are playing hardball. They know the stakes. If everyone caves, we get a vast majority of districts that are locks for Republican legislators and a few concentrated Democratic districts.

It's time to hear some blowback from the Dems on this. The future of the state is happening now.

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