The rest of the story on “Stronger ADP,” and the ADP

by David Safier

Dawn Teo, Mesa resident and writer for Huffington Post, wrote an excellent, detailed story on HuffPo about the recent travails in the Arizona Democratic Party and the origins of Building a Stronger ADP, whose suggestions for changes in the ADP have taken on increasing importance as Saturday's meeting approaches.

I won't try to excerpt Teo's article. People interested in the future of the party should read the whole thing.

One response to “The rest of the story on “Stronger ADP,” and the ADP

  1. Robert Springer

    As I have already discussed with you, when Al Melvin paid a visit to us at the Coronado K-8 school, he argued that the drop in school funding was only 3.5% ( The Amphi districts calculation puts it at about 22%). Moreover, he said the cut was a mere $300 per student. The principal pointed out that since she had 1200 students, he was talking about $360,000 or about 10 school teachers. That is almost exactly how many that were sent home.

    Recently, on his website he changed the amount by more than a factor of 2. I guess he decided that $300 per student cost the schools more than he wanted to admit. The percentage is now 1.3% on his website and the amount per student has been reduced to only $126 per student.

    Here is a quote from his website:

    “Please note that even though state revenues have been reduced by over 30%, the 2009 state budget had reductions to K-12 funding of only 1.3%, which works out to $126 per pupil, out of a total of $9,700 per pupil.”

    Maybe he should get some of our math tutoring. Apparently each time he does his calculations, the amount changes. In fact his column opposite yours in this weeks Explorer says 3.5% again.

    This guy has to go.

    Robert Springer