“The Revionaries” (Texas Board of Education) at the Loft Tuesday

by David Safier

Revisionaries_webposterAs Texas textbooks go, so go the nation's. That's an exaggeration, but not by much. If Texas won't buy textbooks that present certain historical or scientific facts, or wants conservative-friendly "facts" added, companies have to bow to their will because they hold such a huge market share. And once the textbooks are rewritten, the changes stay in the books purchased by other states.

The Loft will be showing a 2012 documentary, The Revisionaries, Tuesday, 7pm, followed by a discussion with Robert A. Williams, University of Arizona E. Thomas Sullivan Professor of Law and American Indian Studies. It won a Special Jury Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and was well reviewed at the NY Times and Salon. (Michael Moore likes it too.)

You can watch the trailer here.

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