The right is hating on Huppenthal, Brewer, Jeb Bush and the Common Core


by David Safier

Let the games begin! continue! You don't have to go to Congress to see Republicans tearing each other apart. It's happening in Education Land here in Arizona and across the country.

Lately, the blog Seeing Red AZ has been writing about education almost as much as I do, mainly about the Common Core. The latest is about the Educrat trio: Huppenthal, Brewer, AZ Republic. The Republic, I learned from reading the post, is a left-wing rag. Who knew? And I learned that people who hate the Common Core include Arizona teachers and "Americans of every political persuasion." Because,

Concerns about the demise of our nation from the pre-eminent leader of the world to second class status are not limited to the “far right.”

And you know, the blog is more than a little correct, in the sense that people of "every political persuasion" have problems with the Common Core. Objections to the Common Core tend to diverge between the left and the right, but you'll hear complaints from me, Diane Ravitch and other progressive educators as well as Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and the Tea Party. Malkin has been railing a whole lot against Jeb Bush's embrace of the Common Core. And if you go to the right wing Truth in American Education website, you can download a Common Core Parent Opt Out Form.

Huppenthal must be singing to Brewer, "Progressives to the left of me, jokers to the right/ Here I am, stuck in a muddle with you."


  1. The Common Core outrage from radical Republicans is such a load of crap. Common Core standards were put in place by Brewer and Huppenthal. Huppenthal’s attempts to distance himself from that fact is laughable. I’m sure that Brewer, Huppenthal, and the rest of the for-profit education crowd is happily cashing in behind the cameras.

    It’s interesting that the extreme right wing in Arizona is suddenly concerned about how children in public schools are being educated. I wonder where they have been for the last decade plus of education defunding, packing 30+ children into classrooms, and creation of poorly performing strip mall charter and on-line “schools” at the hands of our Republican Legislature.

    Just wait ’til students across the state are tested on Common Core; Huppenthal and Brewer will be faux-crying like babies.

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