Here we go again.

Elements from the fringe Trump Zone, Fox Island, and Disinfowars are dusting off the specter of birtherism in the 2020 Presidential Election.

This time the target is 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee and California Senator Kamala Harris.

This baseless allegation, like those against Barack Obama, fueled again by the Liar in Chief-KKK endorsed candidate and his supporters are inspired by nothing more than racism and an appeal to the fearful gullible.

It should be clear to everyone who lives in reality. Kamala Harris is an American Citizen.

It should also be obvious that Donald Trump will do anything, including risking children’s lives in opening schools, peddling racist dog whistles, and making sure mail-in ballots are not timely processed to cheat in the 2020 election.

To even believe the allegation from a person who has lied over 20,000 times since his inauguration gives new meaning to the adage “If you fool me once…”

Racist filth like birtherism belongs in the gutter along with the people that spew it.

The people should condemn anyone that spreads this vile nonsense as well as those who enable it by saying or doing nothing.

Voters will have an opportunity in 82 days to consign Mr. Trump and his birther cult followers to electoral oblivion.

(UPDATE) Newsweek has apologized for publishing the op-ed accusing Senator Harris of not being an American Citizen. Please click here to read. 

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