by David Safier

I don't have time this morning to go into details about today's Star editorial, GEICO donation a boon to tax credit program. Maybe this afternoon. But I can't let it go completely.


The Star editorial says GEICO's $8 million 100%-reimbursed-by-the-state tuition tax credit is a wonderful thing, as is the entire tuition tax credit program. That's a full throated endorsement of vouchers, even though the editorial avoided using the "V" word.

The editorial states, correctly, that individuals and corporations have given more than $500 million in the tuition tax credits since 1998. That translates to $500 million in tax dollars you and I paid to the state being used to pay for vouchers. Every penny of the $500 million was returned to the donors when they paid their taxes, because their taxes were reduced by the amount they "donated" to the program. They paid nothing. Not a penny. The state spent more than $500 million on tuition to private schools. That's a voucher, pure and simple.

Front door voucher, back door voucher. Call it a tuition tax credit if you want, but by any other name, a voucher smells just as bad.

More later.