The Trump administration has a bigger turnover rate than McDonald’s


Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, despite behaving like a sycophant to the unhinged whims of the KKK-endorsed candidate, resigned during the evening of April 7, 2019, rather than follow through with the reinstituting of family separation policies. She was this Administration’s second Homeland Security Secretary and this is just the third year of the Trump Presidency. In contrast, both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had two Homeland Security Secretaries in their whole two-term Administrations.

Remember when the President boasted that he would get the best and brightest people to help run the government. That was another of his many broken promises as this administration has mostly been populated by second and third stringers who personify the worst and dumbest in public service. This roster of incompetents led by the likes of Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, Mick Mulvaney, Alex Acosta, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders has set new standards for poor governance.

A great many of them have also distinguished themselves by the shortness of their tenures in the offices they have occupied. This administration has shown a higher turnover rate than the last three two-term Presidencies of Clinton, Bush, and Obama.  Some, like Mike Flynn and Scott Pruitt, have left because of scandals. Others, like James Mattis and John Kelly, have left because they had had enough of this administration. Others like Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions were shown the door. A case can be made that Cabinet heads like DeVos (Education), Carson (Housing and Urban Development), and Acosta (Labor) have become entangled in scandals of their own making and they should depart at the earliest opportunity.

Overall this Administration has had (including those with the designation of “Acting” before the Job Title):

  • Three Chiefs of Staff
  • Three National Security Advisors
  • Three Communications Directors
  • Two Press Secretaries
  • Two National Economic Council Advisors
  • Two Secretaries of State
  • Two Secretaries of Defense
  • Three Attorney Generals
  • Two Environmental Protection Agency Directors
  • Two F.B.I. Directors
  • Two C.I.A. Directors
  • Two Secretaries of the Interior
  • Two Secretaries of Health and Human Services
  • Two Secretaries of the Veterans Administration.

There is also a vacancy for the United Nations Ambassador due to difficulties in finding a person to fill that position since December.

Forgetting the governing philosophy of the administration, the government of this nation can not function well when its Executive Branch displays a turnover rate bigger than most neighborhood McDonalds.

Unfortunately, this administration’s reactionary and nativist governing philosophy, high incompetence among its current staff (personified by fanatical figures like Stephen Miller), and its high turnover rate have only made our great nation weaker, not stronger. Voters need to remember this when it is time to elect a New President in 2020.


  1. These peabrains have discovered that real policy development and responsible governace require skills, diplomacy, collaboration, and due process. This administration cannot handle these elements. They have tried to blast “goverance” through with bombast, tweets, bullying and firing anyone who dares to question the anarchy school of governance. Essentially they think that throwing a hand grenade into any problem or issue will solve it. Then they are amazed when it doesn’t work. Of course they blame everyone but themselves when it happens. When you have three odious personalities such as Mulvaney, Pompeo and Miller in powerful positions, I’m surprise Gosar, Franks and Biggs dont have jobs in this administration.

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