The Tucson Million Trees Program Receives Another $50,000 Donation

This is a good week for the supporters of combatting climate change in Tucson.

Earlier in the week, Mister Car Wash announced that they would donate up to $150,000 to the Tucson Million Trees Program.

Today (July 21, 2022,) the Southwest Gas Foundation has joined the cause, pledging $50,000 to help Tucson reduce the heat island effects in the city.

This donation, which is a match of other philanthropic donations, will invest $100,000 in the Tucson Million Trees Program in mosty low-income and minority areas that lack substantial tree canopy locations.

Commenting on Southwest Gas’s generosity in a city press release, Tucson Mayor and leading green sustainability activist Regina Romero stated:

“Today we are seeing what is possible when the public and private sector come together to act on climate. Increased urban heat is a result of greenhouse gas emissions, low tree canopy, and increased paved surfaces, and our historically underserved neighborhoods are in urgent need of urban shade. I am very grateful to the Southwest Gas Foundation for stepping up to do their part to help cities like Tucson address extreme heat. As we plan and act on climate, we will continue to identify ways to reduce carbon emissions from all our energy sources.”

Later on social media, she posted: