While the hopeful next President and Vice Presidents of the United States were discussing on the debate stage in Miami the last two nights how they would put the United States back together again and move the American People forward, the KKK President (also known as the 2016 Popular Vote Loser, Liar in Chief, and Individual One) mocked our American electoral system by jokingly telling the smartest person in the room (unfortunately for all of us) Vladimir Putin not to meddle in our elections.

He also praised Putin for having better control of the press in his country and not having to deal with what the Liar in Chief calls “Fake News.”


Again he is showing adulation for a dictator who told the Financial Times before he came to the G20 Conference that liberalism is “obsolete.”

This would-be Duce is an insult to our Democratic System and the Federal Republic the Founders created and their successors preserved.

This photo gathering shows another example of the Popular Vote Loser not being worthy of the Presidency and how he is really weak and his “I am strong” presentation is all pretense.

When will the people that support him finally get a clue and join the majority of the country in the true reality?

Photo from Politico