“There are going to be some nervous Nellies, so to speak”

by David Safier

From the AP:

"There are going to be some nervous Nellies, so to speak, but I think that it will be overcome," said John Wentling, a leader of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, a gun owners advocacy group active at the Capitol. "We still have an obligation to protect constitutional and civil rights."

Wentling is one of the big supporters of the gun bills proposed in the Arizona legislature. It seems, according to Wentling and his friends in the legislature, our Second Amendment rights aren't being respected nearly enough.

"Arizona remains a place that is respectful and adamant about our Second Amendment rights, and I think the people of Arizona support that," said Adams, one of 61 Republicans making up two-thirds of the 90-member Legislature.

These same people are also "respectful and adamant" of our First Amendment rights, but they decided we should draw a circle of protection around a funeral so no protesters can use their rights of free speech to interrupt the solemn proceedings. Yet drawing a circle of protection around a college campus or a bar: that would be ridiculous. And protecting the public by making sure everyone who carries a concealed weapon gets a little training in how to use the weapon safely: also ridiculous.

YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET DEPARTMENT: According to Wentling, there's another gun bill in the works — his group's special favorite — but it hasn't been unveiled yet. It's a secret. In honor of our lax gun laws, let's just call it a piece of concealed legislation.

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  1. As a woman and mother living in Arizona, I feel compelled to ask a slightly off-topic question: why do guns have more rights than I do? We’re making way for the access to carry deadly weapons–THINGS–over the rights and lives of people.

    Between our state universities becoming the next stage for the O.K. Corral and tuition hikes due to a reckless handling of the state’s budget, I worry that the days are numbered for higher education in this state. I won’t be encouraging my children to apply for/attend ANY university where state law allows (and therefore condone) backpack arsenals.

  2. I’ve taught at colleges and universities for a quarter of a century. What concerns me is the proposal to force colleges to allow CW on campus (no more ‘gun free’ zones.)

    I agree that if someone is planning an attack then gun regulations won’t stop them.

    However, I’ve had hotheads in class (one time a guy got angry, screamed obscenties and stormed out of class) and one of my colleagues at another institution was punched in the face by an angry student. I’ve also had people show up to class inebriated. Not often, but it has happened.

    If we allow people to bring weapons on to campus (concealed or otherwise) then when some hothead loses control or some person comes to class drunk, they may also be armed, and that concerns me a LOT more than a random shooter, just based on how often (relatively) it occurs.

  3. Private action did a far better job of preventing interruption of the funeral than any government law or action could have done.