Vile despicable cowards in the dead of night vandalized a campaign sign for Legislative District (LD) 23 State Senate Democratic Nominee Seth Blattman in Scottsdale with a swastika and calling him a killer.

Blattman, a Jewish member of the community, commented on this violent act, saying:


“For certain minorities, and the Jewish people, (the swastika) has a special meaning because we know the history behind it and what we tend to think when people write that symbol intend to say with it. It’s not about me, it’s about the hate directed to Jewish people or the larger community.”

Blattman’s Campaign Director, W. Aaron Montano Searles, also issued a statement, writing:

“As we’ve seen in recent years, America has seen an uptick in racist, hateful, and bigoted speech and symbolism towards minorities. Seth set out on his campaign last year to fight for a better and more united Arizona, one where we don’t accept or tolerate the kind of hate speech he has now fell victim to. While we were not unaware that Seth’s faith may become a target to some horrible individuals, we did not expect this.”

“As a Hispanic man myself, I’ve been the target of racial hate speech before. It left me feeling scared and powerless, but also incredibly furious. This anger came from the absolute dehumanization that someone felt they could throw at me due to the color of my skin and the origin of my family. This feeling was so familiar to me, and when I saw Seth trying to grapple with the same emotions, I knew I could lend my hand to him.”

“We spoke for hours throughout the weekend about this incident and what Seth and the campaign’s response to this would be. No matter what emotions Seth may have been feeling at the time, his response to me was inspiring.”

“Seth first and foremost demanded that we explicitly and aggressively condemn the act, and ensure that we report the incident to the Scottsdale Police and the Anti-Defamation League. We carried this out with urgency to make sure that we did not play into the normalization of these kinds of actions.”

“While I’ve known Seth as an incredible leader since I came on as his Campaign Director, the truest test of leadership comes in times of trial.”

“Throughout our talks, Seth demanded that our campaign use this as a teaching moment of his mission statement; that is, to fight for a better Arizona we needed to make sure everyone knew this was exactly what we’re fighting against. With a handful of phone and in-person interviews, filing the police report with the Scottsdale PD, and our discussions with the ADL – Seth was calm, poised, and respectful.”

“I know firsthand just how hard it is to experience vitriolic hate speech because of your identity, and I know that Seth showed his true colors through it all.”

Republican Senate Incumbent Michelle Ugenti-Rita has apparently also shown her true colors as well. 

According to AZ Central, while Blattman’s other Republican Primary Opponents have contacted him to express their outrage and support, the Republican Senate Incumbent and Nominee Michelle Ugenti-Rita has not.

There is no place for the Anti-Semitic Crap that Seth Blattman endured to be conducted anywhere, anytime, and toward anyone.

Why Can’t Michelle Ugenti Rita say that?

Does she really need all those Trump Zone, White Supremacist, and Q’Anon fanatics to vote for her that much that she has to sell her soul for their support?

If so, she is not the person LD 23 residents want to serve their interests in the Arizona State Legislature.

A public servant is bound by their oath to serve everyone in their constituency.

By not condemning the Anti Semitic Vandalism on Mr. Blattman’s sign, Ms. Ugenti-Rita has demonstrated she has violated that oath.

Voters in LD 23 should let her know what they feel about that by November 3 when they turn out and vote.