These are American Citizens.

The State Department, most likely at the behest of the KKK endorsed candidate and the Confederate loving Attorney General, are denying the renewal of passport applications and, in some cases, detaining Hispanic American Citizens (some of them military veterans) on the border states, claiming that proof like birth certificates, voter id cards, and social security cards are not sufficient exhibits to proof citizenship. This is pure fecal matter.

This administration and its whites-only allies will do anything, “by hook or crook” to deny and take away rights from our own people just because of the color of their skin or what their last name sounds like. Shame on them and shame on us if we do not vote these bums out in the midterms and the 2020 Presidential Elections.

3 responses to “These are American Citizens.

  1. Frances Perkins

    My cousin is an immigration attorney in Brownsville. He is baffles by these cases. He said some government attorneys have a hard arguing these cases, but they have been ordered to take them. The burden seems upside down. If a person has a birth certificate issued by the State, then the burden should be on the government to prove its a fraud, not on the person to prove its not..

    • My ACLU donation, along with Planned Parenthood and the EDF, is the best money I spend every month.

      This morning they’re saying the 500 children separated from their families will never be reunited.

      The Republican party is the racist party now, the evidence is overwhelming.

      We need to put Trump/Sessions/Nielsen/Miller out of business. I don’t think I can handle another TV/radio host/anchor crying while reading the news.

      This is not America.

  2. For Sure Not Tom

    This just scratches the surface of what’s going on with immigration, citizens are being deported, Dreamers are still in limbo, and the average American has no idea what’s going on at the border.

    Even the children in cages story, an ongoing horror show, faded from the front pages in no time.

    Puerto Rico is still a mess, and nearly 3000 Americans died.

    The Pentagon has slowed press conferences to a crawl, we have no idea what our military is doing.

    Trump’s cabinet is rolling back protections against predatory lenders, for campus rape victims, gutting environmental protections that prevent polluters from actually poisoning people.

    Trump has belittled America on the world stage, praising dictators, insulting our friends. You don’t “pull out” of a treaty or trade deal, you break them. The rest of the world has no reason to trust us anymore, and it’s a big world, we need friends.

    We are quickly losing everything that makes America great. Our ideals, our desire to be better, our belief that all men are created equal.

    Our belief that we are a force for good in the world.

    And all the mainstream media want to talk about, on the left, right, and middle, is the soap opera in the White House.

    November will be a referendum on democracy and human decency.