Cartoon courtesy of Patrick Chappatte of the New York Times

This is what happens to the country when there is a President who was endorsed by the KKK.


The country gets:

  • A President who says there was fault on both sides and good people on both sides when White Supremacists stage a racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • A President who will pardon anti-government militia members who committed crimes against the federal government and a Sheriff (Joe Arpaio) for violating a court order to no longer racially profile potential criminal suspects and illegal aliens.
  • A fictitious National Emergency issued by that same President to build a wall on our southern border.
  • Nazis and White Supremacists running as mainstream Republicans for elected office.
  • Public servants, like State Representative David Stringer in Arizona, Congressional Representative Steve King in Iowa, and Republican Arizona State Chairperson Kelli Ward who either make racially charged comments and stay in their elected seats or get elected to party chairperson after repeatedly catering to white nationalist dignitaries and interests.
  • Nativist and white nationalists like the new leader of the Proud Boys standing behind the United States President at political rallies.
  • Newspaper publishers like one in Alabama calling for the KKK to rise up and go to war against Washington D.C.
  • A marked growth, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the number of hate groups, predominantly populated by white men. This includes domestic terrorist attacks like the individual who mailed bombs to prominent Democrats last fall and the arrest last Friday of a Neo-Nazi/Coast Guard Lieutenant who planned to assassinate Democratic leadership, Presidential Candidates, and media members of CNN and MSNBC.

Editorial Cartoon courtesy of David Wayne Fitzsimmons

The vile, xenophobic, nativist, white nationalist, and racist elements in our country feel emboldened with the KKK endorsed candidate in the White House.

They feel it is okay to come out of the gutter, make racially charged comments, stage hate-filled rallies, call for KKK rallies and stand behind the popular vote loser at rallies.

This is horrific and UnAmerican. These people, including the current occupant in the White House, do not represent the values that made this country the envy of the world. It also serves as another reason why people can not be complacent as the election of 2020 approaches. The sooner we get a President in 2021 or even if Pence replaces Trump earlier, the better our country will be as we put these insults to humanity back in the holes they belong in.

Editorial Cartoon courtesy of Steve Benson–taONTlm1RBSJrWL0niEMOSnl67oKPs07V51CM