This Veterans Day, Never Forget all the Horrible Things Donald Trump said about the Brave Soldiers who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Their Country

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As the nation honors the many brave women and men who have served, and in many cases, given their lives for their country by wearing the uniforms of the armed services, the American People should never forget the dishonorable remarks made toward veterans by Donald Trump while he occupied the White House.

First reported by many news outlets like Vox in 2020 and verified in 2023 by Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly, the twice impeached, two-time popular vote loser, multiple David Duke endorsed, and four-time indicted former White House occupant made the following comments about veterans, including

  • Not wanting to visit a French military cemetery honoring the World War One military fallen because the weather might “mess with his hair” and the graves were “filled with losers” and “suckers.”
  • At first, he refused to lower the flags to honor military veteran, Senator, 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee, and political nemesis John McCain, calling him a “f–king loser.”
  • Commenting on people volunteering to serve in the military, In front of John Kelly’s son’s grave in his Chief of Staff’s presence, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?”
  • Being squeamish about taking pictures with military personnel who lost limbs, saying “It doesn’t look good for me.”

By the way, President Biden generally ends every speech with “God bless our troops.”

When voters consider who to send to the White House in 2024, they should not choose the person that thinks the brave souls who put their lives on the line for their country every day around the world are nothing but stupid losers and suckers.

Otherwise, we the people will become the true suckers…again.

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  1. Charles Pierce on Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece in the Atlantic:

    “The two men were set to visit Section 60, the 14-acre area of the cemetery that is the burial ground for those killed in America’s most recent wars. Kelly’s son Robert is buried in Section 60. A first lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Robert Kelly was killed in 2010 in Afghanistan. He was 29. Trump was meant, on this visit, to join John Kelly in paying respects at his son’s grave, and to comfort the families of other fallen service members. But according to sources with knowledge of this visit, Trump, while standing by Robert Kelly’s grave, turned directly to his father and said, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” Kelly (who declined to comment for this story) initially believed, people close to him said, that Trump was making a ham-handed reference to the selflessness of America’s all-volunteer force. But later he came to realize that Trump simply does not understand non-transactional life choices.

    “He can’t fathom the idea of doing something for someone other than himself,” one of Kelly’s friends, a retired four-star general, told me. “He just thinks that anyone who does anything when there’s no direct personal gain to be had is a sucker. There’s no money in serving the nation.” Kelly’s friend went on to say, “Trump can’t imagine anyone else’s pain. That’s why he would say this to the father of a fallen marine on Memorial Day in the cemetery where he’s buried.”

    Pierce: “That is the single most poignant moment in Jeffrey Goldberg’s soon-to-be-legendary piece in The Atlantic. Except for the likely instant intervention of the Secret Service, I don’t know how John Kelly didn’t flatten the vulgar talking yam right there at Arlington.”

    My parents reside for all eternity in Section 60. And the VTY just had to defile it with his disgusting presence. Have to wonder If Kelly had flattened him how many military veteran Secret Service who accompanied them would have looked the other way. And rightly so!


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