Three Sonorans joins FOX News Latino and discourages voting


by Pamela Powers Hannley

Local firebrand blogger D.A. Morales (AKA the Three Sonorans), who was ousted from the for his "reckless disregard for the truth," has joined FOX News Latino. Judging by FOX News' reputation… well, you get the picture.

Except for Republicans Attorney General Tom Horne, Former State Senate President Russell Pearce, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who were regularly (and justifiably) vilified in Morales' column, he generally focused on taking potshots at local and statewide Democrats. His June 1 article on the FOX News Latino website, he encourages Latinos not to vote in the Ron Barber-Jesse Kelly-Charlie Manolakis special election

As a Democrat I got to vote against ALIPAC-endorsed Jesse Kelly twice in the last two years, and will possibly vote a third time if the Tea Party Republican runs in the November election.

I also get the opportunity to not vote for the Democratic candidate to represent me once again.

I did not vote for Giffords after her attack on immigrants in which blame was placed on a Mexican, without any evidence, for the 2010 murder of the white rancher Rob Krentz. This was used to further militarize the international border, pushing even more migrant human beings out into the dangerous deserts southwest of Tucson.

I will also not vote for Ron Barber in the special election being held right now.

I totally agree with Morales' assessment of Kelly, Giffords, and Barber, but I don't agree with him on not voting. Every Democratic non-vote is a vote for Teapublican automaton Kelly. This is how we got a Teapublican US House of Representatives and a Teapublican Arizona Legislature: Democrats stayed home. This is a perfect message for FAUX News to promote to Latinos.  

I lived in Giffords' district as long as she was in office. Despite her Blue Dog credentials, I voted for her many times, but I called or e-mailed her office hundreds of times to encourage her to vote progressively. Sometimes she did; sometimes she didn't. Maybe I'm a Pollyanna, but I always thought she listened. Working with her, I had some hope that she would vote the way I wanted her to. This is in stark contrast to US Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl; there was never a prayer they would ever vote progressively. In fact, they actively worked against issues that I hold dear… universal healthcare, true immigration reform (not militarization), clean elections, sound environmental policy, fair taxation, public education, a living wage, women's rights, and choice. 

Despite his Blue Dog credentials, I voted for Barber. If he gets elected, he can expect to hear from me also.  

Do you want someone you can potentially influence or someone who will totally ignore you? If you want to be ignored, don't vote but don't complain about the results… more for the 1%, less for the rest.

If you live in the old CD8, please vote on or before June 12.


  1. Latinos aren’t going to not go to the polls because they listen to Morales, but Democrats are going to face a hard time if they don’t bother to listen to what he is saying. Some Democrats have been outspoken in opposition to SB1070 and the overall climate of hate being drummed up by the nativist GOP in the state. However, a depressing number of Democratic candidates have shown complete cowardice around these issues and this is certainly going to have an effect among voters.

    The party is also doing inexplicable things like getting behind the truly horrid loser Anne Kirkpatrick instead of looking to new faces like Wenona Benally Baldenegro.

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