Tim Steller is the Star’s new metro columnnist


by David Safier

AZ Star reporter Tim Steller posted his new job on his Facebook page. He'll be writing the paper's metro column, replacing Josh Brodesky.

Steller is a strong investigative reporter who's willing to look at stories from new angles. While Brodesky wrote decent "soft" columns, he often made a mess of it when he tried to combine facts and analysis — especially when Rob O'Dell was whispering his Josh's ear (or so it seemed when I read his stuff). I have to say, though, one of Josh's columns changed my attitude in a small but significant way. He wrote a thoughtful, sensitive profile of the guys who stand at intersections selling papers. Since then, I find myself handing the seller a $5 bill now and then, even though I get my paper delivered.

I'll be especially interested to see if Tim writes about education. I've read a few ed articles of his in the past. He has an attitude, and he knows his stuff.

Congrats, Tim. I don't expect to agree with everything you write, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.