Tom Horne is too smart to believe this


by David Safier

One thing I won't do is question Tom Horne's intelligence. Integrity? That I'll question. Honesty too. For all I know, he may be self-deluded as well. But he's too accomplished in too many areas not to be a smart guy.

That's why I say Horne can't possibly believe that most people who register to vote using the federal forms aren't US citizens. And yet, here's a snippet from the Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet.

Horne today issued an opinion that says Bennett can implement a dual-registration voting system in which voters who registered using the federal voter registration forms without proving they are US citizens will be limited to participating only in federal elections, and he told our reporter he thinks the majority of those voters aren't US citizens. [boldface added]

Uh uh. The rare verified cases of voter fraud in Arizona tend to be people who are citizens but vote here and in another state. At least one silver haired couple in Green Valley has been found guilty of that offense. Non-citizens register to vote so rarely, it's not even a blip on the radar screen. People who use the federal forms to register don't have to show proof of citizenship, but the registration contains a legally binding statement that they are residents. How stupid would an undocumented person have to be to risk deportation by registering to vote? It defies logic.

Tom Horne is either a bold-faced liar or he's smoking some herb with very powerful self-delusional properties. I'll let others make the call.