Too good not to post

by David Safier

I just got a comment from AZterritory on my story below about a teacher being fired from an Imagine charter school in Arizona for her bumper stickers. I had to move the comment to the front.

Had an incident about 12 years ago as a teacher in central Phoenix with a bumper sticker for a Dem candidate on my Toyota. An older neighbor 'gentleman' who daily walked the school area watched me park and got out and proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms how uninformed (not his words, I'll be nice) I was, and questioned why was I driving a 'jap car', I should 'be fired'. etc. etc. When he took a breath, I smiled at him and said "You know sir, if you can read that bumper sticker and the car brand, you should thank a teacher." He sputtered and I walked away.

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