Trap Neuter Return workshop on Feb. 15 at Murphy-Wilmot Library


February 15: Feral Cats and T.N.R. Workshop

“Learn everything you want to know about Trap Neuter Return and community cats/feral cats. This is a free workshop featuring a Q&A panel hosted by No Kill Pima County at Murphy-WIlmot Library, 530 N Wilmot Road. Doors open at 3pm, workshop is from 3:15-4:45pm.

This workshop will cover:
– Best practices from experts
– How to help and maintain feral cats in need of medical care
– Local resources
– Solution based problem solving

-Let’s get your tough questions answered.”

Trap Neuter Return is a process in which feral cats are humanely trapped and sterilized by veterinarians. After recovery, they are released back to the EXACT location in which they were trapped. Not only does TNR put an end to the cycle of breeding, removing cats merely opens up territory for new ones to move in. This is known as the ‘vacuum effect’. Also, feral cats are not adoptable and are routinely destroyed when turned in to shelters. TNR is the most humane and ONLY proven effective long term solution in reducing feral cat populations.


Carolyn’s note: Once a feral cat found me here in Tucson, and so we had to feed it. It looked a lot like me too with long black/white hair, so I didn’t have the heart to turn it away. Any questions you may have about feral cats will be answered at this workshop.