Trouble in paradise?

by David Safier

A shocker in an Arizona Guardian email blast:

Brewer criticizes GOP lawmakers 
BREAKING NEWS - Gov. Jan Brewer says her Republican colleagues at the Legislature should have known better when they pushed through deep budget cuts earlier this month that caused widespread job loss, crippled state health services and whacked popular education programs.
Brewer on Wednesday criticized GOP lawmakers who claim they didn't know the full extent of their spending plan and accused agency directors of intentionally making the most painful cuts in order to gain public sympathy.

The new governor said she was well aware of the grief that $1.6 billion worth of sweeps and cuts would cause when she signed the budget plan earlier this month.

"All of these options were clearly laid out beforehand," said Brewer, who attended a breakfast to kick off Nationa and Tribes Legislative Day at the state Capitol. "They should've looked at the book their appropriations chairmen gave them."

Trouble in paradise?

4 responses to “Trouble in paradise?

  1. And with that, Brewer officially kicks off her “Brewer for Governor” campaign.

  2. Not as much trouble as the clapping pop up doll sucking candy that jumped up and down after every spending spree announced by Obama during his proclaimation speech given on high!

  3. I read that the legislature has to come up with another fix–$300-$400 million–for FY09 because the revenues are coming in at lower levels than were predicted for the $1.6 billion budget fix. Where is that money going to come from? What else will they be cutting?

  4. The political reality of where Russell Pierce led her is now slowly starting to sink in on the Accidental Governor.

    Pierce led her down the rabbit hole for which her political career has been lost forever.