Tucker Carlson is right: Any leader that knew about the Coronavirus Pandemic and did nothing about it Should Resign

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This has been a week for revelations on how American leaders reacted when United States Intelligence and National Security Officials started to warn them about the potential seriousness of Coronavirus starting in January 2020.

In the case of Senators Richard Burr of North Carolina (the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee,) Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and Dianne Feinstein of California, their first instinct was to sell off several of their stock investments in the days after receiving a briefing on the severity of the Coronavirus.

Burr was more duplicitous than the others because while he was selling his stocks before they tanked, he wrote a joint “op-ed” with Senator Lamar Alexander, giving the best impersonation of Kevin Bacon from Animal House, more or less saying the equivalent of  “Remain Calm, all is well”  to the American People about the virus.

Burr gave a more honest telling (according to reporting from NPR) of the dangers of the virus in a private meeting with constituents, equating the pandemic with the Spanish Influenza Virus following World War One.

What is worse than the reactions from Burr and the other Senators is the apparent lack of interest in protecting the American People from the 2016 Popular Vote Loser-Liar in Chief.

Reporting on March 20, 2020, from the Washington Post reveals a President who at first seemed unconcerned and disinterested in the virus.

In a January 18 phone conversation with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Trump seemed dismissive of the Coronavirus, switching the topic to “flavored vaping products.”

When more alarm bells from multiple White House and Intelligence officials rang in late January and February, Mr. Trump, more concerned with the United States Stock Market (and his reelection chances,) performance instead of the Coronavirus,  repeatedly discounted the threat, thinking the virus would not hit the United States hard and that he could trust the assurances of Chinese leadership who were providing him “rosy scenarios” that the Presidents own people did not trust.

Mr. Trump reportedly became irate when “Nancy Messonnier, a senior CDC official, sounded perhaps the most significant public alarm to that point when she told reporters that the coronavirus was likely to spread within communities in the United States and that disruptions to daily life could be “severe.” 

Only when the Stock Market started its fall towards levels not seen before Mr. Trump’s Presidency did the alarm bells go off in the mind of the Stable Genius.

On his nightly show on Fox News, commentator Tucker Carlson (as reactionary as they come) said that Senator Burr should resign for putting his own personal financial interests ahead of the countries.


Tucker Carlson is right. Anyone who tells the people one thing and acts in their own self-interest when they know the opposite is true is unworthy of public office and should resign.

Burr and the Senators who enriched themselves by selling their stocks, Republican or Democrat, should go.

So should the President of the United States.

While it is not known if he divested himself of any stocks because of the Coronavirus, his lack of interest, concern, and action when people he appointed were telling him day after day that the virus was a danger to the American People should immediately disqualify him from serving in the Oval Office.

Do the people (even his blindest supporters) really want someone so cavalier to be responsible for their safety one more day or four more years.

Hopefully not.



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David Gordon
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  1. It would actually have been a greater shock if Trump had handled this crisis with competence and compassion for the American people.

    Remember how he handled Puerto Rico?

    I’m trying unsuccessfully not to hate and despise the 63 million people who voted for Trump.

    And the profiteers, those who turned insider knowledge into money, they should most definitely be forced to resign. And most of Congress should be voted out.

    The American Experiment is effectively over unless the younger generation recognizes that there is strength in numbers and exercise that power very soon. Very soon.

    • Last night I mentioned to my wife that it looked gloomy outside and started humming Waiting on a Sunny Day, by Springsteen, because I’m an old white guy and we’re required by law to like Bruce Springsteen.

      So I went to Youtube and cranked up a live version with the E Street Band. It was a festival, and there were tens of thousands of people in the crowd singing along with every word.

      Bruce went down to the crowd and put the mic up to a little kid and let him sing a chorus.

      I freely admit that’s sappy as hell but come on.

      But then near the end of the song I got sad, because I realized that big giant joyous shared experience celebrations of life like music festivals are probably gone forever.

      Intimate performances by singer/songwriters in small venues, punk rock mosh pits, big loud symphonies, EDM parties, country western BBQ’s, 4th of July concerts, bluegrass festivals, jazz festivals, high school dances, beach parties, all on hold or cancelled and if any of them do come back they won’t be the same.

      TIL that John Prime’s wife tested positive for COVID-19.

      I’m with Liza, I have trouble feeling any sympathy for Trump supporters.

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