Tucson 2015 General Election results – updated

Up for re-election this year were Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, with only token opposition from 3 Independent write in candidates, plus three Tucson City Councilmembers: Ward 1 Regina Romero, Ward 2 Paul Cunningham and Ward 4 Shirley Scott.

Election results:


Jonathan Rothschild (D)   52,805 (winner)

Write in –  3722

All 3 Democrats are leading in the Council races, likely winners:

Ward 1:

Bill Hunt (R)   29,025

Regina Romero (D) , incumbent  38,753  (winner)

Ward 2:

Paul Cunningham (D), incumbent  38,539 (winner)

Kelly Lawton (R)  29,067

Ward 4:

Margaret Burkholder (R)  30,154

Shirley Scott (D), incumbent  37,406  (winner)

Also on the ballot were 4  propositions, 3 for Tucson City Charter:

Proposition 201 (banning red light cameras)  – likely to pass

Yes  45,455                                   No 23,769

Proposition 403  (Mayor’s power)  – likely to pass

Yes   49,502                                  No  19,469

Proposition 404 (City Directors’ appointment/removal) – likely to pass

Yes 46,990                                  No  21,143

Proposition 405 (Mayor/Councilmembers’ salary increase) – likely to fail

Yes  27,345                               No  42,001

And seven Pima County bond propositions were on the ballot as well:

Pima County Propositions 425 to 431 (all likely to lose): 

Proposition 425: Road & Highway Improvements

Yes  74,852                             No 86,666

Proposition 426:  Economic Development/Libraries/Workforce Training

Yes 61,803                             No 100,191

Proposition 427: Tourism Promotion

Yes  59,388                            No 108,535

Proposition 428: Parks & Rec Facilities

Yes  66,053                       No  96,072

429: Public Health/Welfare/Safety, Neighborhoods & Housing

Yes  65,472                         No 96,768

Proposition 430: Natural Area Conservation & Historic Preservation

Yes  60,859                          No 96,501

Proposition 431: Flood Control &Drainage

Yes 74,951                           No  83,764

More updates at Pima County Elections: http://webcms.pima.gov/government/elections_department/. Press time tonight was 11 p.m. on Nov. 3rd., updated 2:30 a.m. Nov. 4th., again on Nov. 5th., 4:30 a.m.  Provisional ballots still being verified & counted.

Stay tuned for updates on final results.  Voter turnout was  29.31% of the 564, 716 registered voters.


3 thoughts on “Tucson 2015 General Election results – updated”

  1. Tucson is the 44th loss in 47 votes for ticket cameras. Once voters see the true money grab purpose for red light and speed cameras, they almost always vote them out.

    Unfortunately, Arizona is home to ATS and Redflex, two of the largest money grab ticket camera companies so getting the cameras outlawed statewide is difficult. The camera companies can “buy” enough votes in the legislature to keep their predatory money grab rackets going in the state.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

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