Mayor Regina Romero and the Tucson City Council are not leaving anything to chance.

With the leaked draft Alito opinion striking down Roe v Wade terrifying women across the country and the current Republican majority Arizona State Legislature and Governor’s office hoping the leaked Supreme Court document becomes an official reality, Mayor Romero and the City Council approved a resolution this evening (June 7, 2022) to make Tucson essentially a safe haven for a woman’s right to choose.


In a press release from the Mayor’s office, the resolution:

“Supports the rights of pregnant persons in the City of Tucson to access the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, including abortion services. It also gives direction to the Tucson Police Chief to revise the Department’s general orders to reflect that no physical arrests will be made under the 1901 anti-abortion law or the 15-week abortion ban recently passed by the Arizona State Legislature.”

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero

In a statement following the vote, Mayor Romero wrote:

“I am not going to sit and wait as our constitutional rights are stripped away. In the absence of Congressional action to enshrine Roe v. Wade into federal law, it is up to local governments to stand up to protect bodily autonomy and the rights of pregnant persons from repressive state laws. Tonight, we have taken bold action to ensure that no Tucsonan is criminalized for exercising their reproductive freedoms and right to make personal health decisions without government interference.”

There will probably be other cities and towns in Arizona and across the country that will adopt similar resolutions like Tucson’s if Roe v Wade is struck down and state governments decide to abide by the Supreme Court’s backward, thoughtless, and medieval decision.

Stay Tuned.