Tucson Celebrates Israel


Various events around Tucson from April 30 to May 21, celebrating Israel. Check the various websites listed on the flyers above to register for some of the events.

Info: https://jfsa.org/


  1. Full house of people attending talk tonight on “Why is the Media Confused about Israel?” Former AP journalist Matti Friedman (has resided in Israel since 1995) spoke of his years on AP Jerusalem Bureau (2006 to 2011), saying that there is a “perception gap” in scope & content in reporting on Israel, esp. w/ reporters scripting stories from an “echo chamber”. He said one should zoom out to see that Israel has a population of 6 M Jews surrounded by 330 M Arabs, more worldwide. He said to withdraw from West Bank has high stakes, although Jerusalem is a safe city with only 18 fatalities in 2016, less than American cities of same size (830,000). He considers Israel a happy country to live in, #11 in the world rankings of happiness (higher than US). Questions from the audience were about how to overcome media bias against Israel? – active vs. passive language; how to assess truth about news stories on Palestinian conflicts; his 2014 critique of AP & their response; why are stereotypes of Jews equal to news, to sell papers; are Palestinians oppressed; and lastly his opinion of the Trump Administration’s atttitute to Israel. (Answer to the latter was he thought that the most popular US President in Israel was Bill Clinton, and wife Hillary Clinton, candidate as well).

  2. To celebrate Israel is to celebrate genocide. How do you justify what the Israelis do to the Palestinians in West Bank and especially, Gaza? Never mind, I don’t really don’t want to know how you justify death, destruction and brutality.

  3. Almost full house today at Tucson J (Jewish Community Center) for showing of “Jerusalem”, from perspectives of young women of Muslim, Jewish, & Christian backgrounds. History of Jerusalem and the different religions and cultures are shown in this beautiful film. Would make anyone want to visit again. I was there years ago and had thought it was mostly Jewish residents, so I was surprised to notice the large # of Arabs present. Family Fun Day next week on May 7, and a media talk on May 14. Check out the brochure above for more.

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