Tucson Death Cafe on January 5, 2016


Carolyn’s note: Since we are all planning on dying someday (but not soon), check out this fearless and friendly death cafe, to safely talk about death and dying. I’ve attended a few in the past and people are just “dying to get in” (that’s also a joke). Note new location at Bookman’s on Grant, 1930 E. Grant Rd. (SE corner of Campbell Ave.)

I’m thinking about the reality of death today, as it’s my biological mother’s birthday (but she passed away in August, 2015).  It’s a sobering experience when you lose a parent, and you  wonder what happens to people when they die.  My mother was a R.N., a wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 3, great grandmother of 4, and enjoyed cooking.

Tucson Death Cafe will be held on the first Tuesday of every month.


2 responses to “Tucson Death Cafe on January 5, 2016

  1. I will attend on Jan 5th