On March 20, 2022, Louisiana District Judge Robert Summerhays, a Donald Trump appointee, applied an injunction on the lifting of Title 42, a rule both the Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris Administrations had utilized to turn back asylum seekers during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

While the Biden/Harris Administration has filed an appeal to overrule Judge Summerhays decision, the injunction is likely to stay in place until a lawsuit cosigned by 24 states (Arizona included) is tried in court.


Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, who has consistently advocated for the lifting of Title 42, telling NPR in April that keeping the Trumpist policy in place had “created a bottleneck on our southern border,” issued a press release today (May 21, 2022) denouncing Judge Summerhay’s decision, commenting:

“Yesterday’s decision is forcing the country to stick its head in the sand. When Title 42 ends, Congress is still going to be left holding the bag. And Republicans’ hands off approach has just made this problem worse. It is time for Congress to do its job and fix our broken immigration system.”

Mayor Romero, who had earlier this month told Mother Jones that Tucson, after preparation consultations with the Biden/Harris Administration, was ready for any migrations from the border resulting from the lifting of Title 42, is right to point out that this policy can not stay in place forever.

Furthermore, those 24 states whose leaders brought the lawsuit to keep the Title 42 policy can not have it both ways, claiming this Trump directive has to remain to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus while mostly adopting domestic policies restricting COVID 19 mask and vaccine requirements.

It is time for these fringe elements in the former Party of Lincoln to stop using a public health emergency as a pretext (pretense) to further their white nationalist, xenophobic, and anti-immigration  ambitions.

It is time for comprehensive immigration reform.