Tucson Metro Chamber endorses Councilmembers Cunningham & Scott, Ward 4 candidate Burkholder


Tucson Weekly writer Jim Nintzel got the scoop on these endorsements from the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce for the upcoming Tucson City Council races: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2015/09/25/tucson-metro-chamber-endorses-cunningham-scott-and-burkholder-in-council-races

They did NOT endorse either candidate in Ward 1: Democratic Councilmember Regina Romero seeking her 3rd term, or Republican challenger Bill Hunt (political newcomer)

Ward 2: the Metro endorsed current 1 term Democratic Councilmember Paul Cunningham, over his Republican challenger Kelly Lawton (political newcomer)

Ward 2 Councilman Paul Cunningham
Ward 2 Councilman Paul Cunningham

Ward 4: the Metro endorsed both 4 term Councilmember Shirley Scott (seeking her 5th term) and her Republican challenger Margaret Burkholder, who has served on the Vail School Board for 10 years.

candidate Margaret Burkhodler
candidate Margaret Burkholder


Ward 4 Councilmember Shirley  Scott
Ward 4 Councilmember Shirley Scott

Read more in the Weekly article about the reasons for these endorsements, and vote wisely on or before Nov. 3, 2015, the General election.


  1. Tucson Metro Chamber is gutless. This blatantly Republican organization does not want to endorse Dems, but does in order not to offend the likely winner. Then goes and says, oh by the way, your Republican opponent is endorsed too? An endorsement is a SELECTION of preference folks.. The Chamber does not get to say they endorse both sides in order to win no matter who gets elected. They should either pick one or not not bother to say anything. They did that with District 1, at least there they were honest. But not with District 4, there they are trying to have it both ways. The candidates in the city council elections should recognize what conniving ass-lickers the Chamber is and not give the time of day.

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