Tucson Modernism Week 2018


“Tucson Modernism Week 2018, presented by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation will take place Friday October 5th through Sunday October 14th. The celebration will feature a series of programs, film, lectures and events highlighting Tucson’s Mid-century Modern design and architecture throughout the city, along with the very popular vintage trailer show. Tucson’s Modernism captured the exuberance of the post WWII era, and is defined by clean, simple lines and a casual informality. In the Southern Arizona desert the movement has come to be defined as Sonoran Modern with the use of regional materials, adaptation to the desert climate and an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. 2018 will feature work by legendary designers and modernists including Max Gottschalk, Sophie and Harwood Steiger, and Bernard Friedman.”

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  1. Attended 2 final receptions for Modernism week at Copenhagen Imports, one for Max Gottschalk furniture (mostly leather), and a beautiful abstract expressionism and fiber art show by the late Nik Krevitsky, who once owned the San Pedro Chapel in the Ft. Lowell Neighhorhood. 100 of Nik’s works were donated by his family to the Ft. Lowell N Assn. with sales going to upkeep the chapel, now owned by the Assn. About 100 people were at these receptions, but there’s still more of Modernism Week till Sunday 10/14.

  2. Attended another opening reception for Modernism Week at new Gallery 2 Sun of fabrics by Harwood Steiger. Description of the show:

    “The art of textile design radically transformed after World War II as America’s economy boomed and optimism bloomed into consumer society. In Southern Arizona Harwood and Sophie Steiger were pivotal in this artistic revolution. Incorporating bold dramatic colors and graphic motifs inspired by the Sonoran desert, they transformed the market by producing hand screened elegant yet affordable fabric that made contemporary design accessible in of the post war era.”

    Designs were definitely based on cacti, road runners and Native American motifs, some in bright colors and harmonious designs. Over 30 people in attendance.

  3. Attended 2 opening receptions for 2018 Modernism Week. First was at Sunshine Shop at 2934 E. Broadway with watercolors by Andy Burgess, who was also signing his book Modernist House Paintings. Especially liked his drawings of the Bank of America El Con, Hirsch’s Shoes, and the Welcome Diner, pictured in Zocalo magazine, page 13 of the October issue. Then explored (for first time) the Midtown Mercantile Merchants at 4443 E. Speedway, a huge warehouse of antiques and collectibles, many mid-century modern items from my childhood, etc. Made me think I should have kept more of my stuff from my past, and that of my parents. Lots of people at both receptions for this kick off of Modernism Week. Enjoy the other activities for this week. PCC Governing Bd. member Demion Clinco at both events, as he’s the E.D. of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation.

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