Tucson Modernism Week 2023

“Tucson Modernism Week 2023, brought to you by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation is a week away. We’re proud to unveil a thoughtfully crafted program that offers a close-up and intimate explorations of the 20th-century heritage that binds our community and region. Join us as we celebrate the legacy of the 20th century with a fresh perspective.”

In Tucson, November 10 to 12, 2023. Full schedule of lectures, tours, cocktail parties here:

Carolyn’s note: This used to a week of activities, prior to the pandemic. It seems to only be a few days now, so I guess this event needs to be re-named the Tucson Modernism Days. Check it out especially if you want to celebrate “Tucson’s Mid-Century Architecture and Design.”

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1 thought on “Tucson Modernism Week 2023”

  1. Tucson Modernism Week (Days?) starts today. Check out the numerous architectural activities.

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