TUSD public hearings on school closures Saturday and Monday


by David Safier

TUSD is holding public hearings today (Saturday), 10am, and Monday, 6pm. The hearings will be held at Catalina Magnet High, 3645 E. Pima St. You can make a statement or listen to and support the speakers.

6a00d8341bf80c53ef017d3e5b56cf970c-500wiOne of the schools sure to be advocated for is Manzo Elementary. Last night it held a dedication of its new greenhouse, followed by entertainment from students. The courtyard in the photo was packed with chairs filled with students' proud families and others, and rest of the audience lined the walkways as the students performed on the stage. There were easily 350 people in attendance, not counting the students, maybe more.

The school's computer lab was open during the fiesta where people could send messages to TUSD on its online Comments form. Anyone can use the form to make comments about the School Consolidations and Closures process.


  1. Thanks for the link. It sounds like a fabulous program. It’s very hands-on and labor intensive, and it works within the existing structure of the school instead of throwing out people and programs and starting over. That makes sense to me.

    I think it’s a great idea to find other uses for parts of underenrolled schools. Bringing social services into the building could create a good community link, and it parents and others into the school while it makes use of existing space. I would love to see TUSD explore this kind of approach.

  2. Saw the following program on NewsHour the other day. A program like this could turn around schools like Manzo. Also, if the schools don’t need the entire building because of falling attendance, couldn’t they rent out part of it to another organization or company that could use it for something else. I’m sure that has been discussed before and I would like to hear the answer.


  3. For god’s sake, Bob, don’t be such a lemming. “Manzo elementary has an ADE grade of D” “and a failing education program.” How would you know whether the education program is failing? Have you been there? Have you evaluated the program and the type of education the kids are receiving? Have you talked to teachers, students and parents at Manzo? No, you have not. You base your opinion upon a letter assigned by the ADE.

    The ADE “grades” are based on AIMS scores. So if a school does NOTHING more than teach students to be good little test takers, their school gets an A and you lemmings nod your heads in unison and say, “Yep. That’s a good school.” You think there is nothing else to see or value.

    A few years ago, my child was scoring the highest possible score on her AIMS tests and I was very concerned about the quality of education she received. Results of standardized high-stakes test scores didn’t mean squat to me because I know that education is much more than that. You have drunk the kool-aid. Apparently, most people have and that is sad.

  4. Manzo elementary has an ADE grade of D, and around 260 students. Much less students than other elementary schools, and a failing education program, this school really should be closed and the students sent to better schools. They already spared Hollinger, and last time a couple years ago the board cut mostly schools on the eastside. Doesn’t make sense for the board to close schools with a higher ADE rating and which are full with students.

    It is nice they had a party, but that doesn’t make up for a failing curriculum and empty classrooms. I don’t think that parents should advocate for their kids to go to a failing school when there are much better alternatives available.