U of Phoenix must be the bestest college in the whole wide world

by David Safier

I've seen more TV ads for the University of Phoenix than I've seen . . . well, ever. Their graduates are all major success stories, according to the ads. And they're sponsoring MSNBC's Education Nation because they care so very, very much.

Then again, I saw more ads for BP during the oil spill disaster than I'd seen . . . well, ever. So methinks we're seeing a little damage control going on here, based on all the media stories about how the for-profit college industry has been scamming folks out of tuition money and comdemning them to a life of debt.

I've also seen a bunch of TV ads for Corinthian Colleges, another for-profit. I wrote about Corinthian awhile ago in connection with ALEC. Corinthian's people were among those who drafted ALEC's Resolution in Support of Private Sector Colleges, which Arizona passed in 2011 as SCR1055 — A Concurrent Resolution Expressing Support for Fair and Equal Access for Private Sector Colleges.

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