UA Confluencenter Showcase on April 21



UA Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry Research Showcase Tuesday, April 21: 2-5:30 p.m. Memorial Student Union South Ballroom, 1303 E. University Blvd. in Tucson.

Download an app to learn Nahuatl on your smartphone; watch scenes from a new documentary to learn how “play” shapes the lives of social mammals like gorillas, dogs and dolphins; find out why some songs get stuck in your head, and more, at Confluencenter’s first Research Showcase.

During an afternoon of presentations, exhibits and a reception, the public can interact with several interdisciplinary projects that the center has funded since its inception in 2011. The UA faculty and graduate funding recipients – from the Colleges of Fine Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities – will be available to discuss their work.

2 p.m. Presentations

* “The Visual Culture of Modern Water in Early 20th Century Mexico City,” Stacie Widdifield and Jeffrey Banister

* “The Poetics and Politics of Hip-Hop Cultures,” John Melillo and Praise Zenenga

* “Culture of Mortgage-Based Homeownership in Crisis,” Jane Zavisca

* “Focusing The Universe,” Peter Beudert

* Unveiling of the 2015 Arizona Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies

* Announcement of 2015-2016 Faculty Collaboration Grant winners and Graduate Fellows

3 p.m.-4 p.m. Research Exhibits

* View projects by select Confluencenter Faculty Collaboration Grantees and Graduate Fellows; speak with the researchers about their work.

4 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Reception

* Enjoy refreshing cocktails and appetizers; mingle and learn about how the center provides a physical and intellectual home for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

UA’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry creates boundless possibilities for excellence through innovation, collaboration and community engagement at the University of Arizona and beyond. More details are available at

Contact: Jamie Manser,, 520-621-4587


  1. Showcase of exhibits and presentation by Confluencenter grantees, following welcome by Director Javier Duran and the UA Provost. Diverse talks about the abovementioned research outcomes of modern water in Mexico City, hip hop cultures, mortage homeownerships and the Stewart Observatory at the UA. Watched video of the exhibit on “Rough & Tumble: Taking play seriously by studying dogs, dolphins & gorillas at play; discussed research outcomes with Joy Liu about her sustainable restoration study in China’s arid corn fields. And took a survey about stress levels by the Contemplative Traditions Working Group. Nuevo flamenco guitar music was soothing by Jake Garcia.

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