UA Humanities Seminars for Fall 2016


Premier Adult Education from Top Professors 

“Specifically for adult lifelong-learning students, the UA Humanities Seminars Program offers the highest-quality education in letters, arts, and sciences. The faculty are present and former tenured University of Arizona professors selected for their scholarly accomplishments as well as superior teaching ability.

Class topics range widely: history, literature, archaeology, music, classics, science, and more. Courses run in the spring, fall, and summer, with two- and three-hour courses meeting for four to ten weeks. The Dorothy Rubel Room at the UA Poetry Center, with convenient parking north of Speedway, is the venue.

Coming up in Fall, 2016:


Happiness, Love, and Hope in Medieval Literature

Professor Albrecht Classen

MONDAYS 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. September 26 – December 12, 2016. No class on October 3 and November 21.
Dorothy Rubel/Humanities Seminars Room, 1508 E. Helen Street

“Medieval literature was not simply doom and gloom. It also had a strong sense of hope, happiness, and love, embodied best perhaps in the Holy Grail and courtly love. As in all other literary eras, we can also find many tragic or religious works. But one of the hallmarks of medieval literature, at least in its secular form, is the search for happiness, individual fulfillment, and love, all perhaps best captured by the term “quest.” Think of the quest for the grail, quest for the social ideal of a courtly knight, and quest for love. Happiness is important for us today as well, so in this course we will examine the relevance to us of happiness, love, and hope in the Middle Ages.”  (list of other courses, through Dec. 16). Wide variety of courses on Dante, Homer, Henry James, etc.)


  1. Reminder to sign up for these 9 seminars soon. Classes begin next week with “Happiness, Love & Hope” on Monday, followed by “Reading Henry James” on Tuesday, then “Myths & Realities of Modern Latin America”, “Homer’s Iliad” and “How We Feel About Politics”. There is even a night course starting Sept. 29 on “Frontiers of Astronomy” at Steward Observatory.

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