Unlike David Schweikert, Jevin Hodge will Vote for the People’s Interests

When the time came to impeach Donald Trump for his attempted coup on January 6, 2022, David Schweikert turned his back on the people and voted no.

When the time came to pass the American Rescue Plan that provided the funding for COVID-19 vaccinations and an economic lifeline to families, cities, public safety, and schools, David Schweikert turned his back on the people and voted no.

When the time came to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan that will modernize this country’s roadways, bridges, broadband, air transportation, and shipping, David Schweikert turned his back on the people and voted no.

When the time came to pass legislation to protect access to the ballot box for every American Citizen, David Schweikert turned his back on the people and voted no.

When the time came to pass the CHIPS Act which would positively benefit families and industries in his own Congressional District (current and new,) David Schweikert turned his back on the people and voted no.

When the time came to pass the Inflation Reduction Act which contained provisions to reduce drug costs for families in his own Congressional District (current and new,) David Schweikert turned his back on the people and voted no.

When the time comes for the voters in the new Arizona Congressional District One to decide who should represent them in the House of Representatives, they should turn their back on David Schweikert and vote for someone who will vote for their interests.

That person is Jevin Hodge.

A moderate Democrat who wants to create bridges and be a unifier in the new Congressional District One, (an area that includes all or portions of Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, and Northern Phoenix,) Mr. Hodge, if elected, will work to bring costs down for the people, invest in the local economy, and protect civil rights like access to the ballot box and reproductive freedom.

Mr. Hodge graciously took the time to respond to questions about his candidacy for the House of Representatives.

The questions and his responses are below.

  • Please tell the voters, at least three reasons they should vote for you over Mr. Schweikert, in the House of Representatives.

“More than anything else, the people of Arizona’s first congressional district deserve a leader who will put their needs ahead of party politics, personal power, and financial gain.

We are facing a number of challenges, and we deserve a voice in Washington who will fight for better healthcare, quality education for every child, protect fundamental freedoms like a woman’s right to choose, and who will tackle the climate and water crises head-on. Unfortunately, David Schweikert has voted time and again against our interests. He voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs, against lower home energy bills, and against investing in clean energy jobs for Arizona workers. In turn, Schweikert has been rewarded handsomely in campaign contributions from big pharma, big oil, and insurance companies. While they make record profits, our families get further and further behind.

I am running to put families, workers, and Arizona first. During his tenure in Congress, Schweikert has been convicted of 11 House ethics violations for his misuse of campaign funds, fraudulent loans, and even forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for super bowl tickets. I can’t believe I have to say this, but I will never do that.

David Schweikert can no longer be allowed to represent the financial and economic interests of working families when he can’t be trusted to manage his own.”

  • Please advise what are at least three main issues in this House race. Please explain.

“Number one is ensuring that we are investing in our local economy and ensuring that we’re bringing production to Arizona. We have such great opportunities in the  Bipartisan Infrastructure Package, The CHIPS Act, and The Inflation Reduction Act. Those are going to bring jobs and opportunities to Arizona’s first district and I want to continue to build on that progress. Arizona has an incredible opportunity to be the solar infrastructure capital of the world. We need a representative willing to fight for the resources to make it so.”

“The second reason is ensuring that we are cutting costs for our families. We’re not going to raise taxes. We’re not going to balance our budgets on the backs of the middle class. We’re going to make sure that we’re cutting costs. That’s capping the cost of prescription drugs. There’s no reason why insulin should be more than $35 a bottle. It’s lowering the cost of insurance premiums and lowering the cost of energy whether it’s at the pump or at home.”

“The final reason is that we are going to protect your fundamental rights that are inscribed in the Constitution. That includes your reproductive freedoms. That includes the right to an abortion. That includes making sure that we are protecting every person’s sacred human and civil rights.”

What is your position on funding the police?

I will vote to give or police officers, local departments, and public safety partners the resources they need to keep our families and communities safe. David Schweikert just voted against a bill that would increase funding for local small and midsized police departments. There is only one candidate in this race who believes law enforcement should do more with less, that’s Congressman Schweikert.

When you’re canvassing or in any other forums, has anyone brought up inflation to you and if they have, what have you told them?

We have initiatives right now going through the United StatesCongress that are going to bring local production to our district. When we stimulate the local economy, we’re putting more dollars in people’s pockets. When we’re cutting everyday costs for everyday Americans, we’re putting more dollars in people’s pockets. That is the reason why we need to cap prescription drug costs and clamp down the cost of insurance premiums. It is the reason we need to diversify our energy resources to create good-paying union jobs right here in this district. And when we bring production to Arizona, to Scottsdale and Phoenix, and to Maricopa County, we will be able to address the issues of our economy head-on. If you look at David Schweikert, he’s costing you money. Every initiative that has been in place to ensure that we are supporting and protecting our Arizonans he’s voted no. He’s voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package. He’s voted against the Semiconductor Chips Act. He’s voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. He is bad for business and bad for Arizona.”

What would be your response to calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

“Here’s how we are looking at this. We are addressing a 21st-century problem with 19th-century solutions. A wall is not going to just secure our borders. We need to invest in modern technology that is going to support our local enforcement.  In addition to that, we need to look at realistic opportunities that are going to aid the American Republic. Immigration is good for the economy and that’s how we need to think about this. When you look at our dreamers, for example, they deserve a pathway to citizenship because they’ve been here. They’re taxpayers. They’re contributing to the local economy. They’re contributing to the advancements in education and research and everything else, and they deserve to be just as much as an American as you and I. In addition to that, we need to take a look at some of the programs that we have on the books, and cut through some of the red tape at the Department of Homeland Security so that we can ensure that we have a secure immigration process, one that is filled with dignity and provides individuals the opportunity at becoming an American.”

  • Please describe your campaign strategy to reach voters, including Independents and disaffected Republicans.

“God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. We’re supposed to be here to listen before we talk. Listen, before we speak. And that’s what this campaign’s all about, learning the needs of the community so that we can address them head-on. There is not an insignificant amount of what I like to call reality Republicans that are in this district that are card-carrying principled conservatives but believe in putting their country first. They believe in ensuring that the rule of law is upheld and they believe that the attack on our democracy is bad. I’m not going to burn the place down physically or metaphorically. I’m going to be a bridge builder. I’m going to be somebody that’s going to be a unifier.”

“I’m a proud centrist. I’m a proud moderate. That’s going to work with whoever I need to, to ensure that we are delivering for our Arizona families. What I am conveying to everyone, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike is this election is the most important election of our lifetime, especially for the future of our democracy. If we do not win here. And when I say we, I mean, people who are going to uphold the principles of the Constitution and who are going to uphold the peaceful transfer of power and that believe in our elections and won’t compromise the integrity of our elections. When we win, we will be able to right-size this capsized ship and ensure that we have a Democracy and a country to give to our kids, our grandkids, and our great grandkids.”

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