Vagina Monologues at PCC West

Need I saw more?  If you haven’t seen this show before (in their 5th year), check it out as jokes about vaginas can be funny (believe me). Donations welcome for Emerge! Center Against Sexual Assault.


One response to “Vagina Monologues at PCC West

  1. Feminist play about vaginas & sexuality attended by over 40 people, including about 10 men. Funny questions/comments about vaginas such as “what would it wear?” or that vaginas are like the Bermuda Triangle (can’t find it) or like a cellar basement (forgotten), or like a black hole. Issues such as sexual assault, transgendered men/women, genital mutilation, child molestation are also addressed in these monologues. Very funny when the entire cast “moaned” in various ways for the “The Women Who Liked to Make Vaginas Happy” skit.
    If you missed it tonight, check it out tomorrow to see these 7 talented multi-cultural women of PCC perform.