United States Army veteran and community activist Stacey Travers wants to make Arizona a better place for her and everyone’s children as a new member of the Arizona State House after the 2022 elections.

Ms. Travers has been busy advocating for veterans’ issues and fighting corruption and fraud on a state and federal level for the past several years.  A veteran, a scientist (she has a Geology degree from the University of Arizona), and a mother, she is looking forward to creating a bright and sustainable future for all Arizona families as a member of the Arizona State Legislature in the area that currently encompasses Legislative District 18, an area that includes parts of Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix.


Ms. Travers has been involved in her community, especially in the Kyrene School District as she has two school-age children currently enrolled. Expanding education funding is a top priority.  She’s involved as a PTO mom and serves on a parent advisory panel.  She has also been active with successful petition signature initiatives for Invest in Arizona Coalition (now Prop 307 on next year’s ballot) and Keep Kyrene Strong, both of which positively impact education funding.

She sees the world of opportunity for children getting smaller and passionately wants to be a part of the change necessary to help shape their future.

Her legislative priorities are:

∙       Having the best fully funded public schools and expanding educational opportunities for workforce development including apprenticeships.

∙       Ensuring our water supply is clean, safe, and available. Working to clean up the environment by advocating for clean, sustainable solutions.

∙       Make sure Veteran’s are honored and have continued and expanded access to healthcare and social services

∙        Protecting our Democracy, the right to vote, and getting the government working for us again.

Ms. Travers graciously took some time to discuss her candidacy for the Arizona State House.

The questions and her responses are below.

1)    What are at least two reasons you want to run for a term for the Arizona State House?

“First, I want to expand the choices and opportunities for our children. As a mother, I think a lot about the legacy we are leaving to our kids. Politicians never seem to consider what the long-term ramifications of their policies will have on the world that subsequent generations will inherit. From access to education to what kind of environment they will be left with, Arizonans deserve a better future.”  

“Second, the government needs to work for us again. “We the people” needs to mean something once more.  I fought for our country and our freedoms. Our country is currently divided and that doesn’t help Arizona families. We need to bring common sense back into government, to focus more on issues that bring us together and less on what divides us. That’s the example we need to set for future generations!

2)    What are at least two reasons voters should elect you over any opponent in the House race?

 “As a veteran, I understand loyalty. Loyalty to constituents, district, state, and country.  I will work hard for every constituent regardless of party affiliation.  In the military, when you’re in a foxhole with another soldier, you don’t ask about their politics or religion, you work together, focusing on the job of completing the mission. I have the experience and ability to work across the aisle, to get done what’s best for our district and state.  It is about lifting up all Arizonans.”

“I have the experience of fighting government corruption, fraud, and wasteful spending. I understand the complexities of merging democratic values while maintaining fiscal responsibility. We need to focus on our priorities creating a stronger economy while still being smart with our budget. 

3)    If elected to the House, what are at least four issues you will focus on in that chamber? There may be follow-ups to this question, depending on the original response.

∙       Education – “Access to quality, funded education is essential for Arizona children. Additionally, secondary educational opportunities outside of traditional college are needed throughout our state. Our students need to stay engaged in learning past the twelfth grade. How do we keep the younger generation in Arizona, building a strong Arizona workforce? What opportunities can we provide for them? These are the kind of issues I’ll be working on in the AZ House. I see an Arizona where children can pursue both college and alternative career preparation programs, including apprenticeships that will help create a skilled workforce and one that’s ready for the future.”  

∙       Climate – “Air, water, and the environment are issues impacting the next generation of Arizonans. We need to be more aggressive in water management resources, investing in clean, renewable energy, creating jobs, and a sustainable environment.  Phoenix continues to rank as one of the worst cities for air quality. Our more rural cities are not much better. There is much we can accomplish at the state level to improve the air and water quality of our state, improving the quality of life for all.”

∙      Veterans – “We need to maintain and expand services and programs for veterans here in Arizona by protecting and expanding access to quality healthcare, affordable housing, and civilian employment.  Veterans are confronted with a difficult transition back into civilian life and they suffer an unacceptable amount of homelessness and high suicide rates. We can do better.”

∙     Constitutional Rights – “We need to defend our freedoms such as voting rights, and personal family planning decisions, so that every Arizonan has the same access to our Democracy.”

4)    Is there anything not covered in the first three questions that you would like the readers to know about you and your candidacy? Please explain. 

“Legislative District 18 has been a pillar in keeping our democratic values in Arizona intact. The community engagement and support have been a model for other Arizona Legislative Districts. With Representative Mitzi Epstein running for Senate and two open House Seats, it’s now more important than ever that we continue the work done by our Democratic lawmakers, who have worked so hard for advancing the causes that matter in the everyday lives of Arizona families”.

Please click below for more information on Stacey Travers and her campaign for the Arizona State House.

Donate to her campaign: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/traversforaz

(For people who live in LD 18:) Sign her petition: https://apps.azsos.gov/apps/election/eps/op/

Website: www.traversforaz.com

Email: traversforaz@gmail.com

Twitter: @traversforaz

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